Point of Sale

Are You Ready?

SouthWare’s POS is already compatible with ApplePay™ and other NFC payment systems, so you won’t need to upgrade hardware again when the new cardless platforms become the norm.
touchposSMSouthWare offers one of the most powerful and easy to use POS solutions available for the sporting goods industry.  The POS portal in SouthWare works with legacy POS equipment as well as touch screen and newer all-in-one systems.  It offers fast lookups, barcode scanning, and captures customer data like email or phone # for future marketing efforts.  It even tells your retail clerks exactly how many bills, and coins to give as change.  Customers can choose to receive printed or email receipts, and receipts can feature coupons or special offers that bring customers back!

Because the new POS is portal based, it can be run in 1 or 1,000 locations, without the need to invest in costly new hardware, and the integrated Credit/Debit processing system is 100% PCI compliant, and future chip & pin (EMV) compliant.

SouthWare is dedicated to keeping up with current and future technology to minimize the burden on sporting goods dealers.

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