“The system is a perfect fit for our business and the people at ASG are great”  – Paul Albrecht, Marlow Sports

“SouthWare works very well for our industry, providing vision we never had before.  The people at ASG are outstanding to work with.” -John Lassiter, Midwest Sporting Goods

“Southware has given us the tool we needed to process and keep track of our sales orders.  Prior to SW, we had a software system, but had no efficient way to track orders, create purchase orders, consolidate POs, check inventory or do the myriad of actions necessary for smooth order processing.  ASG’s advice and support in both engineering and software have been superb and it is awesome to have their expertise just a phone call away.  I would certainly recommend SouthWare and ASG.” – Steve Bellene,Williams’ Sporting Goods

nsgalogoIn 2009, Advanced Systems Group was approached by members of several team sports buying groups to provide a solution to replace a host of antiquated software systems. With over 20 years of experience in the retail and distribution field, ASG chose the SouthWare platform as the foundation for this solution.  Over the past five years, the SouthWare Team Sports software platform has been successfully implemented across the country for team and retail sporting goods dealers, and ASG has become recognized as a strong partner in continuously improving and streamlining processes to make team and retail dealers more profitable and competitive against many new market threats.

The SouthWare Team Sports platform offers much of the same functionality as the Enterprise solution without the additional modules required for wholesale and distribution operations.  The Team Sports platform also offers additional modules to manage POS, embellishment, and processes unique to the team and retail sales world.  With SouthWare, independent sporting goods retailers now have access to the same tools as national competitors.

Widespread adoption of the SouthWare platform in the sporting goods industry has lead to the development of best practices, and a series of new tools and reporting systems that give companies a distinct advantage in the delivery of service to strengthen the relationships with their customers.

One or One Thousand Locations

Originally designed for enterprise level operations, SouthWare offers a platform that team and retail dealers will never outgrow.  As their businesses expand, dealers have the opportunity to add additional modules and features to manage a growing number of locations, business entities, and profit centers.  As the market changes, SouthWare continues to add new features to keep up with emerging technological trends.


The Advantage to Retailers, Manufacturers, Distributors, & Wholesalers

slide-3-1Adopted by the upper end of the supply chain, SouthWare provides unparalleled connectivity to retail partners.  The SouthWare Enterprise platform allows companies to exchange data effortlessly through portals or direct interface.  Retailers large and small can manage committed inventory and purchasing from available stock with the click of a button, and detailed purchasing information can be transmitted and received without layers of manual data entry or paperwork.

Companies who offer customized products or embellishment can use SouthWare to manage art sheets, vector files, conversions, and all necessary attachments on orders.  These orders can flow directly into the system, and be ready for review and production without the need for additional data entry.  Artwork, notes, and all other information related to team orders stay with the order through the entire production process and is easily accessed for future orders.

tigercatsSales reps can enter orders in the field and always have access to information from their tablets and PCs over the internet.  Each sales and customer service person gets access to their own CRM portal providing live information on prospects, accounts, contacts, tasks, and schedules.  The CRM can also provide individual performance information on opportunities, commissions, and sales quotas. Portals for tablets running iOS or Android provide touch screen access to all aspects of relationship and order management.

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