Streamlined Purchasing Saves Money

Making good purchasing decisions can be complicated – you have to determine need, evaluate potential suppliers, obtain necessary approvals, and more. To streamline the process, you need to evaluate each step.Purchase

If you’re buying a large volume of items for resale, even a small improvement in purchasing flow can yield considerable cost savings. How? Through effective negotiations with suppliers, timelier purchasing that results in fewer rush orders, and possible reductions in shipping expenses.

To streamline your purchasing decisions and make a difference in your process, consider these areas:


Depending on the types of items you’re buying, it makes sense to incorporate a centralized purchasing department to conduct purchasing functions. Organizing your buyers provides the most effective communication with vendors as well as makes the process less prone to errors.


Train your buyers to determine the best vendor options, including managing supplier relationships effectively, making purchasing decisions that are in the company’s best interests, and expediting purchases when necessary. They should also be performing on-going analysis of purchasing flow (on-time shipping, billing accuracy, quality issues, price changes, etc.).


The easiest way to streamline purchasing decisions is to give the buyers the most current and accurate information available. Digging through binders and files to determine previous vendors, expenses, investments, etc. slows the process and makes decision-making more difficult.

Combining effective organization, proper training, and sophisticated purchasing systems that manage the purchasing process enable you to streamline purchasing decisions while also saving money.

SouthWare Team Sports– Streamlining Your Purchasing Decisions

SouthWare Team Sports can help you to streamline your purchasing process and lead to better decision-making. This system gives your team the tools they need to work more effectively while cutting costs.

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