Why wholesale sporting goods dealers love SouthWare too


Scalable & Modular

SouthWare Distribution Software is designed to handle all aspects of the wholesale sporting goods distribution business.  From advanced accounting and payroll, to distribution and warehouse management, SouthWare offers tools that reduce waste and increase profitability for businesses of all sizes.

A mature ERP platform, SouthWare has been serving the wholesale distribution industry for nearly 30 years, and has been adapted for a wide array of specialties.  Offering over 40 modules to cover all aspects of your business, SouthWare is designed to grow with your company.  SouthWare is a 100% domestic software product that is continuously improved and supported in the United States.  No foreign call centers.  No long waits for support.

Elegant & Mobile

tabAround the office or around the world, you remain connected. Live portals deliver up-to-date information to you, your sales people and your customers.  Portals are easily tailored, for each job function.  Orders flow into the system from direct and online sales bookings, and a built in CRM makes account management a breeze.  All business functions connect to a single unified database with an easy to use report writer that you don’t need to hire a programmer to use!

Efficient & Reliable

EAA59F79-8C55-4FBB-A663-D7A6BF65E797Whether you manage purchasing and delivery from one or one hundred warehouses, SouthWare ensures your orders are staged, picked, shipped and delivered to exceed customer expectations.  

SouthWare is designed to encourage retailers to order more from you, by making the process of purchasing and managing inventory levels easier and more reliable with interfaces for online, in-person, and EDI order management. 


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