NEW! PO Approval Portal

poportalSouthWare Team Sports has released a new PO approval portal specifically designed for companies with outside sales people who generate and manage their own POs. The PO Approval Portal allows managers to easily review and change the approval status of purchase orders that come in from the field.

 It also shows rejected POs that have not been canceled and allows you to return them to pending status for further review. Managers can review each line item on a PO to verify accuracy and determine if that vendor is the best to requisition product(s) from. Your users can be individually setup with PO limits that allow smaller PO’s to be automatically approved and trigger larger POs for the approval process. Your staff can be automatically alerted to the status of their POs, and the status will be shown on their individual user portals. 

You’re in control, and we are dedicated to your industry.  We will continue to add additional functions and features to the system as requested by our Team and Retail sports partners, so if you have ideas, let us know.

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