Team Sports Software Experts

The SouthWare Team Sports system is a fully integrated software platform for the team and retail sporting goods industry. Designed through collaboration with team & retail dealers, the features are continuously refined to deliver significant competitive advantage not available in other business systems.

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Serving Over 7,000 Companies For Nearly 30 Years

With SouthWare, you get the most mature business software available, adapted to the way that team and retail sporting goods dealers do business. SouthWare provides a platform that has the depth of functionality that comes only with many years of experience and constant improvement.

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Designed & Implemented By Sporting Goods Business Experts

Advanced Systems Group consultants understand the team and retail sporting goods business and the challenges that you face every day. Every system is designed to mitigate risk, reduce labor, and increase profit. Each solution is tailored to provide the information you need to make decisions related to your business quickly and confidently.

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Connection To Your Market Is Key

SouthWare Team Sports is a complete business system that allows the entire supply chain to remain connected through innovative and flexible portals that give your clients, vendors, and salespeople access to all information related to orders, inventory, and production. No other system has the ability to coordinate information between companies, departments, and individuals quite like SouthWare does. Used at both the retail and wholesale levels, SouthWare offers the ultimate end-to-end solution for dealers, suppliers, and retailers of sporting goods products.

SouthWare & SouthWare Enterprise

Select Software of The National Sporting Goods Association

In 2012, SouthWare was selected as the first-ever select service provider for the National Sporting Goods Association. Evaluated against several other enterprise and retail software packages, the members of NSGA rated SouthWare higher for features, functionality, and industry fit than competitive offerings. Through this relationship NSGA members are eligible for significant savings and a rebate on the purchase of the SouthWare Enterprise System.

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Integrated Payment Technologies

SouthWare is integrated with the ultimate credit, gift and loyalty system. The Genius product family is a suite of payment and program acceptance solutions designed to drive incremental business. Credit cards, gift cards, loyalty programs and emerging payment methods are all managed with Genius, giving your customers more ways to pay, and giving you more ways to attract and retain new customers.

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